Saturday, April 19, 2008

Concerning the local animal trade

In the process of retrieving my tin of bromide from the boat, I came upon a locomotronic velocipede, that the natives have, in their simplistic ingen-uity, re-purpose'd into a means of transporting capture'd terrapins.

The runes read "LIVE TURTLES: Free for fire fighters, police or military in uniform". An unexpected windfall to be sure: As we all know, a healthy man in his prime goes through three or four turtles a week, and my own supply had recently run out!

I inquired as to whether the motor carriage in question made use of a coal or wood fired steam boiler as a propulsive motivator, but receive'd only the wide-eye'd confusion, characteristic of the population which time forgot. Thusly, I may vouchsafe with no small degree of certainty, that such a contraption is beyond the means of the native peoples to build or understand, and thenceforth conclude it was seize'd via banditry from explorers less hospitably met than I. Indeed, I would venture to say that this Floridian peninsula, is as dang'rous a land as it is won'drous.

More to come on the morrow!


zzzdude said...

Hath the said turtles been acquired?

Flangenimblick said...

Again, brilliant. Just brilliant.